Alexandre Veaux
Design + CG x Code
Tendril - Toronto, Canada

Alexandre Veaux
Design + CG x Code
I'm a picture addict, fascinated by image composition and connotation. I like to try new fields of creation to complete my experience and insert in my work new knowledge, no matter the medium. I like to create images that are visually as informative as the story hidden behind.

I started learning about art and visual graphics as a child, and since then kept pushing towards animation film-making.

Making short pieces that tell something is my main love. Although I need to keep myself pretty much a 3D Generalist, I have an affinity for Character Lookdev, as well as Lighting/Compositing.
I'm also an experienced Python scripter, building my own toolset as my needs grow.


+1 647 217 3654
Toronto, ON, Canada